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Before you start spinning s and planning activities, you need to realize that employee engagement is a mindset. Start by looking at your team as real people, with ideas, aspirations, accomplishments and challenges, within the workplace and outside of it. As a manager, keeping your employees engaged is perhaps the biggest challenge you face. That effort will ultimately lead to higher sales and fewer mistakes. There is more and more convincing evidence that improving employee engagement can ificantly improve company performance across a of key areas, such as; profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation, health and safety, sickness and absence, turnover and wellbeing.

But, in order to achieve that, your engagement efforts have to be aligned with your overall business strategy. Implementing unplanned ideas and activities that you think might help, without monitoring or measuring their impact, is a waste of time and resources.

Like we pointed out in a recent article, HR has a much more strategic function within a company and should be involved in the business planning process to ensure its profitability. Being inherently cross-functional, the HR function has a high degree of authority in terms of managing the employees who will ultimately execute that strategy.

Employee engagement is not an isolated HR process. In order for it to deliver the benefits we talked about earlier, it needs organizational commitment and involvement to implement efficient initiatives. Every 6 months, or even quarterly, present the most important issues in your Want ongoing fun and the actions made to address those issues.

Involve your team in planning ahead, assessing opportunities and coming up with improvement ideas for your business strategy. One of the biggest costs of a high employee turnover rate is the loss of essential information.

You can have a mentorship program, pairing experienced employees with newly hired ones or use communication software. Create a learning program template that they should follow, giving them enough space to test their own learning methods. Give them a timeframe, a set of objectives and let the relationship unfold on its own. Teams are oftentimes isolated within their own project and their own workspace, that they have no idea what the rest of the company is doing. Create an open sharing space, once every 2 months or so, where every team can present updates on their project and key learning points.

Teams will evolve much more rapidly, using the knowledge shared and the different experiences on every project. To minimize the risk of this turning into a boring, mandatory 2h meeting, make it fun and creative. You can have a theme per each sharing session. Remember, creativity is a key happiness driver. You should also try the Happiness at Work Card Game for teams! Deed as a tool for team performance and employee engagement, the game consists of over 50 common workplace scenarios and over science-based solutions.

Each scenario identifies and provides context for a common workplace situation, followed by a succinct scientific justification for why it is a problem at work. The cards provide many unique practice opportunities that meet the needs and working styles of diverse teams. Nothing builds trust like showing someone your financial statement. Want ongoing fun your team a quick presentation of the financial state of your company, every quarter or at the end of the year.

Encourage employees to take responsibility for the success of the company if you want them to put in their discretionary effort. Create your own Academy, where employees can access the knowledge and development opportunities that they need. This is one of the top 3 reasons why employees quit companies: lack of learning prospects. Assess their needs and their preferences, create a curriculum and set-up Want ongoing fun per week. Get them involved in deciding how you should schedule these learning initiatives during or after working hours.

Want ongoing fun

Make it engaging and rewarding with a Graduation ceremony, caps and flowers and even a fun night out. Have your own Office Olympics where everyone can get involved and have fun. Promote wellbeing and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in a fun, competitive way. Get to know each other in a different environment and connect people with the same interests. Prizes and embarrassing photos are a must.

Want ongoing fun

Break monotony with an ambitious working night. Set a clear objective, create your own set of rules breaks, music, snacksetc. Get everyone together and test your creative and operational limits. Make sure you communicate upcoming opportunities on a regular basis.

Do it in your internal newsletter, face-to-face or during a general update meeting. Keep in mind that a career processes should be driven by individual potential as well as current opportunities. Create a self-guided onboarding experience.

People are much more likely to remember and assimilate information that they get on their own. Set the ground rules, give them basic instructions, a list of objectives and a timeframe. For example a 60 days plan, with some basic milestones. Let them swim on their own. Oftentimes, onboarding processes fail to provide actual value and initiate a dialogue. Let new employees create their own onboarding experience and figure out their work preferences. Have a scavenger hunt onboarding. Turn information that is usually considered boring or useless into company trivia and learning how to use tools and systems, such as the internal communication system.

Include other people in the game. For example, have some of the older employees provide answers and get to know the new hires. Create your internal employee-focused magazine with fun columns, news, featured stories and opportunities. It can be an online magazine or a printed one. Or, it can be both, a monthly online issue and a quarterly printed one. Have your own company TEDx-like Talks where you get to share ideas, boost creativity and encourage innovation.

Make your workplace less about Want ongoing fun and more Want ongoing fun the people there. Their ideas, experiences and aspirations. Give them a chance to be the source of their own inspiration, boosting morale and creativity for everyone in the company. Managers are a key business component and an equally important engagement driver. Create a coaching program for managers and teach them to really care.

Want ongoing fun

Encourage individuals to de and own their career paths, instead of relying on the company or on their manager. Employees need to take initiative and set a career goal for themselves.

Want ongoing fun

Have people write their goal on a piece of paper. Put it in an envelope and close it. For this activity, managers have a guiding role. Get involved in social and charity initiatives. Giving back creates a positive mentality. It also fosters pride and loyalty.

Get the team together, have everyone pitch a cause and pick the one you want to support. You can donate either time and involvement, or money, or both. Usually, giving time is more rewarding than giving money, especially for gen Y employees, who are highly oriented towards social involvement.

Moving from theory to practice is a big challenge. Most companies that measure employee engagement do little beyond that measurement. In order to obtain all of the benefits of employee engagement, you have to commit to taking action:. Taking action means ensuring that all employees understand the company vision and its strategic direction, as well as what their individual role is in achieving it. It also means engaging managers by developing their leadership skills, living the company values on a day-to-day basis and allowing open, two-way communication with employees.

Employee engagement is an organizational effort that requires a long-term vision in a business strategy context, if it is to improve productivity and retention rates. You have to identify what your company needs and develop the right strategy. Only then should you focus on how to measure employee engagement and what activities to implement. Thank you. Appreciate your feedback and support and i read this all topic. Hi, Paula thank you for these tips. These would be good at initial level. Please can you put up some ideas around talent management and succession planning which would matter employee engagement.

Hi Mohini! We actually tackle the subject of succession planning and talent management in our latest eBook — Learning and Development Trends: How Technology Enables Learning. I need to arrange activities on some activity on Independence Day. Would like to arrange some activity for family, children and the Want ongoing fun. Like what would you like to be free from, or independence for yourself means??

Nice and resourceful article, this one. Also, physical activities like that maintain a nice bloodstream through your body. May I mention an extra tip? Employee platforms. They are powerful and that way employees get access to all kind of information. This article was amazing, the different approaches and ideas were well put together Want ongoing fun simple to understand.

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Want ongoing fun

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Want ongoing fun

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