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Hundreds of sweating, dance-crazed bodies are thirsty for a drink on Thursday's ladies night, and you know every fan at Fire's live-music weekends has to have a drink in hand to fully enjoy the show. Some people thrive in that environment, and Trevor Palmer is one of those people. Serving as both manager and bartender at Fire, Palmer puts us lethargic folk to shame.

But ladies, you do know all those free drinks you're getting weren't Palmer's way of saying he likes you; women drink free on Thursdays. Capitol St. Francis of Old Venice Pizza Co. Fortification St. Universal edict 32 holds that all hip skateboard shops must install ramps that double as a music venue.

Walthall MS sexy women

It comes as no surprise then that Fondren hot spot Swell-o-Venue takes the top award for best all-ages venue. After mom and dad buy you sneakers and a skateboard, music lessons are sure to follow, and what better place to practice your new skills than the place where you've been shopping for years? It's a comfortable environment where parents can drop the kids off to enjoy a long lineup of five or six bands, while they go to Rainbow or Cups for food or caffeine. Second: Hal and Mal's Commerce St. Mill St. Most people can't bust a move in just any old place.

And it only gets better. Following close behind is Dick and Jane's. Capital St. State St. Picking up the torch for recently defunct Lager's, The Bulldog easily meets the needs of Jackson beer connoisseurs. Offering a diverse selection of standard domestics, microbrews—including all six locally brewed Lazy Magnolia varieties—and imports, White says his patrons have no clear favorites.

Walthall MS sexy women

Some patrons stick to domestic standbys, while others are more adventurous, and pretty much every keg is emptied by week's end. Whatever your taste—occasional adventurer or never-satiated beer explorer—your needs will be met at The Bulldog.

Martin's unassuming atmosphere Walthall MS sexy women mellow vibe makes it a great place for hanging out with friends and drinking a few beers. With more than brands of bottled beers, Martin's has you covered whether you like microbrews Rogue Dead Guy Ale and Anchor Steam, classic imports like Newcastle and Hoegaarden or standard domestics like Budweiser and Miller Light. If you're feeling unpretentious—or ironically hip—you can always swing for a can of Miller High Life or Pabst Blue Ribbon.

If you like your beer like you like your wine—with hints and aromas of your favorite foods—try out a Samuel Smith Oatmeal or a Woodchuck Pear. Second: Bulldog Ridgewood Rd. Northside Dr. Timothy Washington was not born DJ Phingaprint, but he took on the persona after his parents bought him a set of turntables in He had his calling. Today, DJ Phingaprint is the best deejay in a town filled with good ones.

In some ways, though, he is rare: He is a record jock who plays music for the most down-and-dirty hip-hop artists and crowds, and he can show up at the JFP's extremely diverse Best of Jackson party every year and take the crowd to a state of extreme frenzy. And he grins through it all, knowing there isn't a crowd he can't please, as he fondles his vinyl and does musical gymnastics over his tables.

And he'll do it again this year on Jan. The public is welcome starting at 8 p. I went to Hooter's once. They have hot wings. I don't really like hot wings, but that's the only valid reason to tell your chick you are going. Hooter's felt like a garage. There were lots of people throwing and kicking balls on the television. The chicks had tight clothes, and I bought a tank top NOT a wife beater. Honestly, I didn't see any bikers, but you know, I tried not to make eye contact with anyone, either.

However, if I had a Harley and wanted to flash my boobs, I think Hooter's would be where I'd choose to do that. Get a crotch rocket and head on over. Second: Shuckers Conestoga Rd. Gallatin St. Vicksburg is the new Vegas, or haven't you heard? Ameristar has been voted Best Casino for Gaming every year sincemaking this their sixth win in a row. Ameristar's appeal probably begins with their close proximity to the city of Jackson. If you have a spontaneous itch to throw the die or pull the slots' handle, you can book it over there and back quickly what folks from Jackson call a "run to the boats.

Until Jackson gets jet service to Philadelphia and Biloxi which, I must admit, have properties I enjoy immenselyour quick fix is 70 mph on I West. Ameristar was voted Best Casino for Shows, as well. Fans of The Beau and Hard Rock may scoff, but Ameristar regulars will defend the Bottleneck Blues Bar's variety of regional acts, most offered five nights a week with no cover.

I know the theory. They get it back from you one way or another. Well, maybe you shouldn't be so exacting. A relatively new and obscure cover band, The Hardline Monks combine an infectious sense of humor with real musical talent to make for an entertaining catalogue of music. Adding quirky sound bites and effects such as a baby crying to their songs makes them more original than most cover bands. They do not currently have any scheduled shows, but maybe now that their popularity has been validated they will come out of hiding.

The Molly Ringwalds, Fire favorites and an '80s tribute band, stops in Jackson regularly and never fails to deliver a fun dose of nostalgia, both by playing the music and by dressing like notable characters from 20 years ago. Who doesn't like a good cover band? You already know all the songs, so all that is left to do is sing along and shake your booty.

Zarr's Amazing Funk Monster; Faze 4. Jacksonians love celebrities with local connections, and country-music superstar Faith Hill still ranks as one of their favorites. The singer, who mentions her childhood Walthall MS sexy women spent in tiny Star, Miss. Hill also continues to demonstrate her strong national following. According to the music industry magazine Pollstar, her "Soul to Soul II" tour with husband and fellow country singer Tim McGraw was one of 's top grossing music tours in the U.

Straight out of the heart-of-the-blues tradition of the South, there's no question as to why "Miss Sweetheart," as she is called by her many fans, should be chosen as this year's Best Blues Artist. Walthall MS sexy women Jackie's singing, all sides of the blues can be not only heard, but also felt. Miss Sweetheart gives a show that doesn't just let the audience sit still; instead, it moves them to rock, clap, dance and, of course, sing along with her.

She prides herself in her ability not to just reach each listener, but also to allow him or her to feel that they are partaking in an intimate moment with a special friend. Second: B. On most Fridays, catch a drag show featuring local or national talent. On Saturdays, the club packs them in for "House Party Night. Sundays play host to lounge nights alternating with movie nights. PR Director Liz Peabody said the club hopes to evolve into a traditional "big city" club. Second: J. Julep is one of Jackson's favorite places to enjoy happy hour.

Since there are no "specials" or expensive marketing techniques to entice the after-work crowd, what then is the big draw? Perhaps it's the relaxed atmosphere and personable staff who are so inviting. Or maybe it's the uniquely named martinis, like "Fantastic Jason" or "Caroline's Wedding Cake," in honor of owners Patrick and Mary's friends. Patrick would like to think it's because Julep is the home of the finest mint julep around.

If you haven't already, find out for yourself what makes Julep a one-of-a-kind favorite among Jacksonians.

Walthall MS sexy women

Just down the block is another of Jackson's favorite happy-hour spots. Although there is no official happy hour at Bravo! With an extensive cocktail menu and a can't-be-beat wine selection, Bravo! Second: Sportsman's Lodge E. Tickled ivories, over-priced drinks and excellent people-watching—that's Fitzgerald's in the lobby of the Hilton. Sometimes there's a valid excuse to be there—friends visiting, a business meeting, a Sweet Potato Queen sleep-in—and sometimes the best thing you can come up with is a desperate need to hear great music from the likes of Andy Hardwick or Buie, Hammond and Porter.

Walthall MS sexy women

But that's a good one, too. The Edison-Walthall doesn't sport the entertainment, but it does sport one of Jackson's institutions—Cotton the bartender—and it's a great place for a quiet beer and a business or personal discussion. Sam's Lounge intrigues us as it climbs this list … it seems to be taking aim quite nicely as an alt-rock and punk-abilly music scene, with all the right accoutrement in the way of pool tables, a juke box and Luv Tubs in the motel to which it's attached.

Walthall MS sexy women

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