Sensual massage Elmsford

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Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Sensual massage Elmsford. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Westchester Again. Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 38 of 46 Go to. OKPanky Jan 24, Star is ok but 2 rooms very close together.

No feeling of privacy walking into the place or once inside. That's a headline in Westchester. Thank You! I googled a bit; chose Darae based on various sites' reviews and darae Not pics of hypothetical providers - none were shown. I decided because the spa looked 'theraputic', clean and easy to find, in a nondescript neighborhood, hidden in plain sight.

I showed up without calling 40 minutes before posted 10 PM closing. A somewhat stocky greeter in a black dress and heels buzzed me in. Sure follow me! Had she been the provider I was likely to decline. She called out 'incoming'? Fortunately, a cheery masseuse had appeared, sufficiently typecast for the role. Coco, a Mandarin speaker from Shanghai, led me by hooked arms toward a neat room, traded names and 'You here before? Coco was cute; light make-up, ish, 5'2", wide in shoulders and hips, mildly concave waist.

All poured into a burgundy bustiere with criss-crossed laces over the cleavage bounded by 34 DDs Sensual massage Elmsford asked. Her English allowed chit-chat as she put down new sheet on a real massage table with face cut-out, adjusted the space heater, indicated to disrobe, left for a towel for TS; wrapped it on me and we went to shower. I tried the dry sauna briefly but it wan't hot enough, waved 'enough', went to room, 'face down', draped over with a sheet huh?

Friendly provider. I said to massage pubic bone, then all around junk, peritoneum very puzzling to her. I was enjoying her HJ more than my FS sessions of late, i. So far Coco is the best mix of theraputic plus HE among the nearby competition. I was there for 70 minutes. OKPanky Jan 28, Nice review of Darae.

Sensual massage Elmsford

I have had mixed there and stopped going. The last time I went, a long time ago, my masseuse did not want to do HE. I basically jerked myself off. She was nice, pretty, spoke great English but I was not fulfilled. Maybe I will Sensual massage Elmsford again. I have been to Yoyo around the corner enough times to have experienced decent and terrible service there, but never great.

And it's too out in the open for me to take a chance on lousy service. BoredInCT Jan 28, Good to hear Darae worked out. It's been my experience that if you want a little extra lovin you need to show it when the tuggin starts. But the most extra service I've ever had or heard about here is a Russian finish. It sounds like you could have had the right girl for that.

Thx OKP. No sense in Darae lady denying you once you were servicing yourself. Like any job, workers do what they do. Yoyo Healing Spa - Not as theraputic as Darae. My only incentive to Yoyo again other than laziness would be a long shot.

Sensual massage Elmsford

On my October visit, first of five, an older 'thicc'-er Sensual massage Elmsford Lisa? I asked if she was a MMS pinch-hitting: 'No just work here. Never said that before and it was just an impulse. I didn't see what she did but it really felt special.

In my mind's eye she gently warmed and loosened my tight sack until there were two eggs in a baggie. Different nerves. Then her nails gently worked them and Roddy to my great delight. Sorry I'm unsure of her name as I vividly recall this unprecedented pleasure. And would risk going back to that naked storefront on a main drag the cops pass every five minutes.

You sized up Coco right - she's topside 10 for Russians. Providers are convinced they have a non-LE customer as soon as customer's junk is displayed. Applicable for services at published address, street meets, in cars, truck stops and the like.

Even places that screen likely use nakedness as the ultimate non-LE confirmation. I guess informants and deep-cover LE are risks all providers tolerate.

Sensual massage Elmsford

My '10 for Russians' isn't credible, it's imaginative. OKPanky Sensual massage Elmsford 29, BoredInCT Jan 30, Williwok Jan 30, I've been to Star a lot, kind of a no frills t. Each time I think of going to Empire, I go the other way for less than half the cost. Saturday night, Coco did equally well at Darae in Elmsford. While my needs were modest, I'm glad to have two wins in one Westchester week. Both women needed massage skills to untangle tension knots, before I was loose enough to release my seminal essence. I had not been to Mom Spa. I called and spoke with manager Henry.

Agreed 40 minutes ETA. Buzzed in, I was greeted by friendly Sunny, who led me arm in arm to one of 6 or 8 rooms. She wore a short gray-scale casual skirt, dark nylons, and a sequined BeBe plungy top. Typical smiley chat. She gave me a towel, briefly left and returned to lead me in towel and house flip-flops to the TS.

The spa was quite low-lit, seemed neat, had a large apartment-like layout and what I believe were nail workstations in the living room. I was happy just to feel the hot water. Back to the room, I heard an adjacent patron talk quietly with his masseuse. One layer of drywall. Sunny's look: about 5' to 5'2", petite and trim, a bit of flesh on her arms dispelling skinny, about lbs, cute legs, flat ass and tummy, an Asian ectomorph typical of spa twenty-somethings, though likely forty, very light auburn locks down to mid-back, light make-up over pale skin, cute-average features, likely 32 B or C top - I asked but she didn't understand.

Attractive, not hot; fine for the role.

Sensual massage Elmsford

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Sensual massage elmsford