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I would like the records related to the scientific information used and decision made including when the review occurred. ing the records will do. Per the statute, please provide records responsive to the following portions of this request as soon as possible. Please provide a log of all public records requests for the time period of April 30, to present, to include name of sender, a brief description of the request and disposition, if available.

Once records are compiled, please justify each deletion separately by reference to specific exemptions of the law and release all reasonably segregable portions of otherwise-exempt material. Thank you for your consideration of this request. Per the statute, please provide responsive records within 20 business days. For the period of April 30, to present, please provide all communications with the following entities: 1. Alphabet Inc. Facebook Inc.

Apple, Inc. White House employees who. Members of the U. Congress mail. Also, please exclude the following addresses from your search. Word or. If applicable, spreheets, whenever possible, should be provided in. I request all communications and responsive records regarding this request to be sent electronically to the provided. Thank you for your Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon in a timely manner on this request. My request covers the period between February 1, and today, September 10,and pertains to fraud and suspected fraud that took place at any time since March 15, In addition, I request any written or electronic communication pertaining to discussions and decisions about whether information about fraud and suspected fraud should be provided to the media and the public.

Please provide the material for each of these requests as it becomes available. And please contact me if you have any questions about my request. This would best be satisfied by a copy of the pay stub issued to Kate Brown for her work as Governor of the State of Oregon. This is not a request as to the dollar amount of the Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon salary.

My request covers documents from the period between Aug. I would request a prompt response to this request. If you expect a ificant delay in responding to or in fulfilling this request, please contact me with information about when I might expect copies or the ability to inspect the requested records. If you deny any or all of this request, please cite each specific exemption you feel justifies the refusal to release the information and notify me of the appeal procedures available to me under the law.

Thank you. Dean Sidelinger Dr. If you believe otherwise, please cite the specific exemption, by ORS, limiting disclosure. The Governor has nominated Ms. Agpaoa and I would like to learn more about her. Thank you! Peter Courtney, Rep. Kotek, Rep.

Knute Buehler, Rep. Julie Parrish from All letters as well. Or unauthorized or authorization of any claims too will of trusts, I am looking to find most recent information in this relationship of Elkins Trust s and current situation of Trustees. I am looking for court document approved or denied of all special personal private transactions of prelisted request of information, I am positive that I have Rights as successor or for involvement of who how and what is done with the trust, estates or any of legacy in the name of my great-grandfather whom I was unjustly a victim of events that were inacted for purposes that would discredit my birth right of harantage to trust s so on, I am in need to discover my family lineage in hopes to reclaim my family status and life once more.

Thank you greatly for your help and time. Joel Devore's retirement letter. Any documents including s, letters, correspondence to or from your office containing reference about the Americans with disabilities act with reference to masks, mandates, vaccination, face coverings, health and safety measures, covid health and safety measures for schools. Communication including letters, s, transcriptions, or correspondence referencing studies on masking, vaccination or safety measures and copies or the studies that are referenced in those correspondence.

This information is not being sought for commercial purposes.

Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon

I would request a prompt response to this request August 31st Thank you for considering my request. I would also like all drafts of the letter. Let me know if you have any questions. I am also seeking any notes from any phone calls or in-person meetings involving Ms. WuDunn and state officials. Kate Brown in the years and Kate Brown between the dates of June 26, and June 27, Specifically, I am looking for charges issued to Gov. Brown's state-issued credit card or other types of public expense s relating to an all-day wine-tasting event which should have taken place on either June 27 or June Kate Brown's calendar for Aug.

I am also requesting the scientific data you are using to justify vaccine mandates. I want to clarify that i want the scientific data not the opinion of a doctor. They must be directly correlated to the reported cases and how the cases were determined.

Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon

It is time the science be shown for this insanity. The hospitals, according to those working on the inside, are not filled with viral cases, but rather with normal hospital activities. Provide the direct s as opposed to the percentages. You did not want to provide percentages last year, but preferred to use s to scare people because the percentages were too small!

Now you want to provide percentages because the s are too small to be scary. It's time to stop the shenanigans and start providing proof! We are not pawns. You will note that I did not type my name in all caps. The fraud that Kate Brown has perpetrated on Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon people of Oregon is an abhorrent atrocity and we do not recognize her authority to provide medical mandates on any of us! You can't, because there is none!

Even the boxes the masks come in state they do NOT prevent the spread of coronavirus. OHA has recently stated that masks do not work against the smoke particulate, which is hundreds times larger than coronavirus particulate. The game is OVER!!! Kate Brown and the state of Oregon from Jan.

This request is addressed to the Office of the Governor of Oregon and extends to records prepared, owned, used, or retained by any of its subdivisions or offices and by any of its employees. The records requested include information in all of the formats described in ORS On behalf of Eric Nisley, the undered requests the following: 1.

All records of communications from December 1, to April 29, by any member of, or individual acting on behalf of, the Office of the Governor of Oregon that refer to Eric Nisley; 2. All records of communications from December 1, to April 29, by any member of, or individual acting on behalf of, the Office of the Governor of Oregon that refer to any vacancy in the Office of Wasco County District Attorney; 3.

All records from December 1, to April 29, by any member of, or individual acting on behalf of, the Office of the Governor of Oregon that refer to or concern Deputy Attorney General Frederick M. Pursuant to ORS If the Department intends to charge a fee to reimburse its cost of making those records available, please notify me in writing of the estimated amount of the fee corresponding to each of the of records listed above.

If there exist no records responsive to this request, please notify me in writing as soon as practicable. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this request, or if I can assist in clarifying the scope of this request to reduce the burden associated with providing responsive records.

You may exclude Public Utility Commission service list s or or similar regulatory list serves.

Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon

I was initially approved for PUA support and then accused of cashing checks alleged to have been mailed but never received. I was subsequently denied benefits for a of conflicting reasons. OED delayed many months in providing information relevant to my case. I received inconsistent, disparate, and conflicting instructions over a 1.

I need this information to understand what happened, determine whether my identify was hacked, and proceed with my appeal. Please send the records via. Kate Brown and Chris Pair pertaining to state business, including all communications that address the governor's plans for the remainder of her term in office, from Jan. Because I am making this request on the behalf of a newspaper to Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon the public about governmental agencies, I ask that all fees be waived. I would like a copy of each clemency order issued - not only for the pardons that were granted but also for each person who was granted a reduced sentence for any reason, including Covid, for the time period March 1, to present.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate your help. As a credentialed member of the news media making this request in the public interest, I ask that all fees be waived. I would like to see back up documentation to support the State of Oregon's announcement on "Math is Racist". Today is July Kate Brown from June 24,to June 29, Kate Brown from Feb. Kate Brown from Nov. Please include all correspondence between the aforementioned parties and any heat-related meeting notes, emergency preparation summaries, between June 30, and July 7, My name is Alexander T.

I received your contact information from Winta Yohannes, our Executive Director. I'm going to be editing it down and posting it across Albina Vision Trusts various social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram specifically highlighting the comments from Rukayiah Adams. Best, -- Alexander T. I'm going to be editing it down and posting it on the AVT website, specifically highlighting the comments from two community leaders speaking on the resolution!

This request is allowable under the Oregon Public Records Law. Please cite any exemptions you rely upon in order to not fulfill my requests in your response. I am assisting her in a project on state pardons and commutations and hope you may be able to help me. Specifically, I am looking for a list of the names of all persons who were pardoned or had their sentence commutated in the last 30 years, from to In addition to those names, we are hopeful you can also provide us with the crime the person was convicted of, Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon race, their gender, the potential reason for their pardon or commutation possible innocence or unfair trials, for example and any other information in your formal records.

Finally, we are also interested in information on how many total petitions were received for pardons or commutations. If you can only provide some data from that time period say, toonly for death row inmates or inmates convicted of particular crimesor only in the aggregate total pardons by yearplease send that along, as any information will help Dr. Gunderson in her research. Please include correspondence from Jan. Per the statute, please provide responsive records as soon as possible.

Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon

Please search the timeframe of January 1, to present for this request. Please exclude all mass s, including newsletters, from responsive documents. Also exclude all incidental product notifications associated with Apple. Please provide all records in a machine readable format, including, whenever possible, having performed Optical Character Recognition OCR on. This request is sent on behalf of the Tech Transparency Project. I have been retained by two attorneys appointed by the Court in United States of America v. Delander Moore, CR, in U.

This information is critical to litigation currently pending in front of Magistrate Judge Clarke. I do not require all of the back-up metric data, and only need the level that Jackson County has been under for each week. For example, for the past three weeks, Jackson County has been classified as "High.

Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon

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