In need of good oral

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Now that the holidays have passed, and the first month of the year is coming to an end, Ballwin dentist Dr. Yet, rarely do you hear of a resolution of restoring your oral health. Good oral hygiene and oral health have a greater impact on your overall health than you might expect. Here are just a few reasons as to why setting a goal for improved oral health can help you kick off the New Year and make you healthier. Ballwin, MO English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese. Call Home Meet Dr. Brushing and flossing every day along with regular dental exams is important not only for clean teeth, but to ensure problem areas are discovered and handled before they get out of control.

Proper oral care eliminates bacteria and prevents gum disease which can affect your heart. Early planning and scheduling for dental work allows you to take advantage of your dental insurance before it runs out. Good oral health is just as important on your mental state as it is on your health. If you are worried about your smile, you may see your confidence diminish. When this happens, depression and social anxieties can dampen your spirits.

A bite that is off can cause problems with your digestive In need of good oral, hindering your body from getting the nutrients it needs. Poor oral hygiene can also cause problems with your immune system. Bacteria have the perfect breeding ground in your mouth which le to infections that can bloodstream. As a Ballwin dentist office, it is our resolution to ensure our patients are on the right track for good oral health and a fantastic smile.

Our services focus on improving your smile and caring for your teeth.

In need of good oral

In other cases, simple Cosmetic procedures can align your teeth or fix a small gap. What would you like to improve this year? Call our Ballwin dentist staff to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and goals. A healthy mouth In need of good oral a direct effect on your health, and also gives you peace of mind and confidence in yourself.

We look forward to helping you reach your oral health goals and invite you to visit our Facebook for additional ways we can keep your teeth looking their best. Happy Holidays from your Ballwin Dentist! If stuffing is on your menu for the next few holiday dinners, consider preparing it with apples, carrots, or celery.

Not only will these keep your stuffing moist, which is softer for your teeth and needs less of your saliva to send through your digestive system, but they add vitamins and nutrients to support your health. Vitamins A and C support your immune system, saliva production, and digestion.

Happy Autumn from your Ballwin dentist team! Keeping a routine for your oral health, hydration, and safety will help your body run smoothly and minimize emergency dentist or doctor visits. Here are a few important reminders to stay on track and treat your body well this fall.

Acute tooth pain is centralized to a specific area for less than six months, and chronic tooth pain lasts longer. Cavities can show up as a toothache. A decayed root canal can cause severe pain. Our experienced Ballwin dentist office team treats all tooth pain. Our Ballwin dentist and the ADA agree that the recommended length of time to brush is for at least two minutes, twice a day.

In need of good oral

If this sounds like longer than your typical brushing session, consider buying an electric toothbrush that times you. You can also brush each quadrant for at least thirty seconds. Find a song you enjoy at least two minutes long, and play it when you brush your teeth.

If the kids need some assistance, there are some great apps that can help them brush the full length of time. Smile More with Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures. Everyone can have a beautiful smile. After all, only a small percentage of people actually require little to no assistance with their smile. Teeth whitening procedures brighten smiles, braces straighten teeth, and cosmetic dentistry gives Ballwin dentist patients new smiles.

A great smile ificantly impacts your life. People look younger with a healthy smile, feel better about themselves, and have more confidence among their peers and co-workers. Composite and Porcelain Veneers at a Glance. Great Advice for Whiter Teeth. Your smile is your own ature; the first thing people notice about you and a way for them to learn more about you. As the dentist Ballwin patients have trusted for their preventative dentistry and oral health needs, talk to us about your smile and teeth whitening procedures. Do you want whiter teeth? Is your smile as bright as it could be?

In need of good oral

What do you do to protect and maintain your smile? There are many things you may do on a daily basis that compromise your smile without you knowing. So, if you find yourself wishing for whiter teeth, schedule an appointment with our Ballwin dentist. You can also keep the following tips in mind:. The flu virus is contagious and spre through coughs, saliva, and sneezes. Flu symptoms take a few days to appear once a person has contracted the flu virus.

Various types of flu strains exist. The flu is most prevalent during the colder months of the year. The flu virus can live on hard surfaces for nearly 2 days. It can survive on clothing for 12 hours. When caring for yourself or a loved one who has the flu, wash your hands often.

It is also important to keep surfaces and areas that are shared with others clean. Wipe down door handles and remote controls. Keep phones, computers, and tablets clean with microfiber towels and only use with clean hands. Be mindful when doing laundry to wash your hands after handling clothes carrying the virus. New Year: New Smiles. One of the first ways to get started on your resolution is to just pick up the phone.

Schedule a consultation with our Ballwin dentist. While basic dental insurance plans cover In need of good oral examinations and other preventative dentistry measures, you may be surprised to learn that certain restorative dental services are available to you, too.

After calling our office, call your insurance provider. We work with your dental insurance companies on a daily basis to help you get your new smile. A Look at Pumpkins and your Oral Health. The short answer is not so much due to the amount of sugar used to sweeten the pumpkin. However, with that in mind, there are some great benefits to our oral health found in pumpkins. Brushing your teeth and flossing after eating sweets is essential to reducing your risk of cavities and tooth decay. We also recommend visiting your Ballwin dentist for regular checkups to ensure your smile is in good order.

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In need of good oral

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