Honest hard working guy looking

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The most successful people make it look easy. They put in many hours of hard work. Typically, someone will have tens of thousands of hours of hard work behind them before they finally achieve their dreams. He was a standout leader during multiple tours of duty in Vietnam. Though he was wounded in a helicopter crash, Powell managed to rescue his team from the burning wreckage.

Honest hard working guy looking

Ever the hard worker, Powell returned to the U. From there, he spent years preparing for his eventual role as Secretary of State. Inhe was appointed to the highest military position in the Department of Defense: Chairman of the t Chiefs of Staff. She first made a splash inwhen she co-created Faceforce, the first social business application. Shih also wrote an NYT bestsellerwhich is no easy feat! As her quote alludes to, she worked long hours to get to where she is.

This inspirational quote about hard work highlights the importance of team dynamics. Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, was an innovator who developed the assembly line technique of mass Honest hard working guy looking and the Model T Ford. In addition to being a visionary, he was also an exceptional leader who focused on his people. Ford understood the importance of managing employees to collaborate and communicate effectively. Just six months before his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the speech, Dr.

King urged students to always do their best. Speaking of Michelangelo, he left us with a few inspirational quotes about hard work too. Although history has painted Michelangelo as an extraordinary talent, he dedicated the earlier part of his career to learning the craft.

He began an apprenticeship at age 13, then worked under the ruler of the city where he lived. He made a point to surround himself with poets and intellectuals to improve his art. Like Michelangelo, many successful leaders are assumed to move up through the ranks based on their born talents and abilities when, in fact, they spent years learning and growing to get where they are today. Natural ability only gets you so far. Even as you ascend the ranks at work, never lose that growth mindset, and always seek opportunities to learn.

Opera singer Beverly Sills learned the importance of hard work from her parents. They also influenced her appreciation of the arts. She combined both of those lessons to launch an impressive career as an opera singer. After landing her first role at the tender age of four, Sills went on to become a revered performer, earning four Emmy Awards and one Grammy. Similarly, many respected business owners spend years toiling in relative anonymity before finally making it big.

Honest hard working guy looking

No list of inspirational quotes about hard work would be complete without a word from Florence Nightingale, who wrote this sentiment in an letter. Although Nightingale can teach us plenty about philanthropy, she also serves as inspiration for eliminating excuses in favor of working hard. Take ability for things you can control and always strive to learn from your mistakes. Former President and Founding Father Thomas Jefferson faced some obstacles when he wanted to study law in the s. There were no law schools at the time, forcing him to learn his trade through a combination of self-study and shadowing a practicing attorney.

In addition to his other accomplishments, Jefferson was known as one of the most learned lawyers at the time, proving that preparation is key to success. In other words, you can create your own luck. Many aspiring business leaders grapple with whether to shell out money for a college education. Many companies—including Google and Apple—no longer require college degrees. Instead, hiring managers are open to non-traditional candidates: think real-world experience, coding boot camps, and vocational or trade schools.

Among the most interesting inspirational quotes about hard Honest hard working guy looking is this one from Ludwig Von Mises, who spent much of his adult life in academia. Despite his decades as a professor and his doctorate from the University of Vienna, Von Mises was most impressed by those around him who were self-taught. His quote highlights the fact that nobody sees the years of hard work—and failure—that predates success. And that will require you to put in hard work.

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Honest hard working guy looking

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Honest hard working guy looking

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Honest hard working guy looking

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