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As you know Well Child visits are one of the most important things you can do to keep your child healthy. Preventive care promotes healthy growth and development. Your child should have a well child visit at the intervals listed below. Vaccines that are routinely given are listed in the appropriate well visit section.

We recommend that you call our office 3 months in advance to schedule an appointment with your child's primary care provider. Families are usually settling in some by this visit. Feeding, sleeping and bowel habits are sometimes a concern. At this visit we will track your baby's growth and development and answer any questions. Your baby may be becoming more alert and attentive and that makes it more enjoyable! At this visit, we:. At 18 months, your child understands much more than he or she can say in words. Read and sing to your child often. When reading, use simple words to talk about the pictures.

At this age, your 2 year old may go from trying to be independent to clinging to you; this is normal. It is better for toddlers to play than to watch TV. Even having television playing in the background interrupts healthy Free dirty chat Mill Valley play - background music is a better choice. Your child will likely be moving into a world of make believe that they create with their imagination. Toys for dress up and make believe are important at this age. Read books, sing songs and play rhyming games with your child each day.

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Four year olds often like to sing, dance and act. They like to tell "tall tales" and make up stories. Enjoy these fun moments with your little one! Parents should continue to help with brushing teeth even though your child will want to do it all by themselves.

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Well Child Visits As you know Well Child visits are one of the most important things you can do to keep your child healthy. Schedule of Visits Day Visit. Your baby is finally here. Newborns are wonderful and will keep you busy. You may be feeling exhausted. Having friends or family around to provide extra help and support can be very helpful. Make sure all visitors wash their hands well. Monitor for s of jaundice. Check to see how your baby is feeding and provide guidance and support.

Provide a referral to lactation if needed. Answer questions about your new baby.

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Many babies seem more fussy or colicky at this age. Be patient. Colicky babies eventually outgrow their crying phase. Keeping your baby safe is the most important thing you can do. Even if you feel frustrated, handle your baby gently and reach out for help to friends, relatives or your pediatrician if the crying is getting to be too much. Immunizations are safe, effective, and keep your child and our community healthy. During this visit, you will be able to discuss any questions you may have about immunizations.

Screen for post-partum depression. This very first set of immunizations are thus separated into two visits. Your baby is becoming more active and verbal. Be careful not to leave your baby unattended, especially on a bed, couch, or counter. They move faster than you think! Babies need only breast milk or iron fortified formula for the first months of life.

We will talk at this appointment about the appropriate time to introduce solid foods and what foods to introduce first. Assessment of developmental milestones Discuss when to start feeding your baby solid foods. Your baby will begin to move more and will be able to sit up independently for short periods of time. Now is the time to start baby-proofing your house if you haven't already done so. You should move the Free dirty chat Mill Valley in your baby's crib down to the lowest level.

Discuss the introduction of fluoridated water to encourage the development of strong and healthy teeth. If you have city or rural water, your water is fluoridated. If you have well water, you should have your water tested for fluoride before offering it to your baby. Assessment of developmental milestones Screen for post-partum depression. Your baby may be starting to crawl, pulling to a stand, and cruising on furniture. Babies will want to touch everything; this is how they learn.

This is a messy time! Have fun and be patient. Discuss your baby's upcoming dental care. Your baby should see a dentist at 1 year of age. You should be brushing your child's teeth with an infant toothbrush and a tiny grain of rice size of fluoride toothpaste. We will provide you with a list of dentists and encourage you to schedule your baby's first appointment. Most babies need 3 meals, snacks per day, and no more than ounces of whole cow's milk per day.

Your baby will be able to eat many of the Free dirty chat Mill Valley you eat, but be careful to avoid small, hard foods that can cause choking. It is time to wean your child from the bottle and offer all liquids in a sippy cup. It is much easier to wean your child now than if you wait until they are older - avoid cavities and additional tears and make the change now! Your baby will be outgrowing the infant carrier car seat. Continue to have your baby in a rear facing car seat until age 2. Screen your baby for amblyopia lazy eye with our ocular photoscreen device. Your child may be able to climb and run, so be sure to safety proof your home.

Poison control is available 24 hours a day: - keep this handy in your cell phone and on your refrigerator. Discuss temper tantrums. Bright Futures Parent Info. Most of our patients do not have immunizations due at this visit. Your child may need immunizations if they are behind on their shots. Discuss dental health to your child's teeth. Your baby is not really a baby anymore. They are firmly in the toddler years. One moment they seem so big and the next still very small.

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This is the "do-it-myself time. Your child may need immunizations if they are behind on their shots or during flu season. Provide your child's immunizations. At this age, your child needs more independence. However, you need to set clear limits. A regular bedtime and consistent bedtime routine are important.

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Be a great role model. Show an interest in what they are learning. Discuss exercise and nutrition. Discuss kindergarten readiness.

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Encourage good learning by helping your child organize a distraction-free time to do homework and ensuring eleven hours of sleep each night. Teach your child what to do if there is a fire and have practice fire drills. There are no scheduled immunizations at this visit unless your child is behind and needs to catch up on immunizations. Screen your child's hearing and vision.

Review safety issues.

Free dirty chat Mill Valley

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Well Child Visits