Casual make out date

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Sure, dating can be fun. It can also be stressful, confusing, heartbreaking, weird, and…boring. But we still do it, and we want to know how you do it, too. First up, N. Alert the press! The last two weeks have radically transformed my perspective on dating. A little over two weeks ago, he popped up in my DMs, replying to one of my stories with a fire emoji.

This level of confidence is so sexy to me. You have to admire someone who knows what they want and goes after it respectfully. Why play games? Making out is the middle school equivalent of hooking up—innocent and fun. It can be really sweet, like holding hands with your crush, or it can be hot and heavy, leading to some other naughty activities. Either way, I was down. All work and no play, am I right? We texted back and forth for the next week until he was in town. I took some close friends to watch him perform, and we all had a blast.

Casual make out date

It was kind of nice knowing that I may never see this person again. I know how that might read LOLbut it felt spontaneous and free. No expectations. We talked, laughed, and flirted.

Casual make out date

The energy between us was natural and easy. There was no pressure because we both already knew we wanted to make out with each other shout out to communication! At that moment, he leaned in and gave me the softest, warmest kiss. My entire body melted into a pool of buttery goodness on the floor. Have you ever kissed someone and your entire body felt ignited? I swear, romance novels have been written about his pillowy soft lips.

We made out for a little longer and parted ways. He texted me minutes after I left his side, and we talked about how glad we were to have spent time together. Over the next few days, I Casual make out date about my business, not having the usual anxiety that sometimes accompanies first dates or hangouts, if you will. I woke up to a surprise text from him a few days later asking what I was doing the next day. Turns out he had booked another job in the city and was going to be in town for the weekend. Did somebody say round two? We were both excited at the prospect of spending more time together.

I went to sleep that night giddy, looking forward to his tender touch. Long story short, his text sent me spiraling. This is a person who gaslit me for two years. X was physically and emotionally withholding, and it created an extremely unhealthy push-pull dynamic in our relationship.

Casual make out date

When we dated, everything was centered around him and his schedule. I spent the morning crying and setting boundaries with X that included blocking his. Usually, I try to refrain from cutting people out of my life completely, but after re-living the pain that was and apparently still is at the center of our relationship, I decided to take some space from him. I left my phone at home and went to get some comfort food. I ended up making some friends at the restaurant and started to feel better.

The universe continually blesses me for ridding the toxicity from my life. I spent the weekend with out-of-town make out buddy. We adventured around the city and shared romantic moments together. If nothing else, I can see this person being a good friend of mine for years to come.

This year has been a continual process of shedding old skin and traumatic layers of my past. Casual make out date day I seem to get a little closer to my goals and dreams. Home Love Dating Sometimes a casual make out buddy is all you need. Sometimes a casual make out buddy is all you need. Shelby Sells Updated Sep 05, pm. FB Tweet More. Author Shelby Sells. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image.

Casual make out date Casual make out date

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Sometimes a casual make out buddy is all you need