Adult club utica new york

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The layout of the club hasn't changed in a decade. It's a single room dominated by a thin, long stage that runs down the center. There are seats on both sides of the stage. There are also seats along the wall. On one end is an elevated DJ booth. On one side the wall runs up sgainst a nice bar that unfortunately serves only soda. The guys that work the door, bar and DJ booth are all very old.

One of them was sleeping against the wall on my last visit. The club is very low energy. There is no rowdiness. I'm not sure that if you showed up with a group and wanted to get rowdy, they would have the of girls, or the girls with the right attitude to close the deal. If you go alone for a lap dance you're in better luck.

The VIP area is a narrow room with booths along one wall. There are partitions between the bench seats that provide visual privacy but not sound. I don't think there any cameras because nobody has ever come back and told me to keep my hands to myself and they should have.

On the whole, the girls are weak. They are at least as good or perhaps better than VJ's the closest club on average.

Adult club utica new york

I enjoy a short, somewhat stocky blonde with short hair and nice sized fake tits. She lets you get handy and seems to enjoy it. She does not reciprocate so in that sense perhaps your dollar doesn't go as far as VJ's. If you want to risk the chance to see a better looking crowd and gettin. Decided to try this club out while in town for a convention. Those who like to indulge in liquor make sure to do in advance since its a fully nude place limiting the bar to water and soda.

Got here about am on a Friday night with a few friends. Immediately you pay your admission and receive a one drink coupon for the bar. First impressions of the club are depressing This is normally when I would make my exit and try to salvage my night but being in Utica you options are very limited. So we decided to stay and boy was I glad I did. We sat near the stage to make the most of the girls getting completely naked and throwing a few dollars when a cute girl came on stage or when they got a little interactive with us.

So with nothing to lose I picked out a girl with a decent B rack and nicely shaped thick ass and paid for 2 dances to go in the back. After about 2mins worth of grinding and sexual hints she finally said to me "let me know if you want to have some fun" With the "vip area" being one room and 3 booth style couches you have to think not much could go on in here. Granted I was on the last couch so nobody would walk past Adult club utica new york answered her with a " sure lets have fun".

Needless to say I went back to my hotel satisfied with the beginning of my trip. I had been to Peeper's one time before my last visit about 5 years ago. I was out with a couple friends and we were bored so we decided we would check out Peeper's since none of us had been. When I went in I honestly wasn't expecting too much after the last experience I had there. However I ended up being pretty pleasantly surprised with my time there.

The girls that were Adult club utica new york were all pretty attractive, out of the 9 or 10 working at the time there was really only 1 I wouldn't have wanted a private dance from. The girls were pretty talkative and there really wasn't much pressure at all from them to go VIP. It had a pretty laid back atmosphere where you could just sit along the wall and watch the girls on stage no hassles, or sit at the stage for some tips to the girls.

Got a private dance after that which was also very enjoyable. The girl was hot and she wasn't afraid to really grind. She had no problems with me touching her and was very hands on herself. Overall I had a good experience here. The last trip changed my mind after my first time there and I will probably go again pretty soon. Went to this place to check it out. There was no one else the there were 4 dancers. The first up was a very pierced and tatooed Very chubby teenager.

The pole was one bearings so the dancers could spin on it. She kept asking me from the stage for a private dance. She had piercings all over. I almost allways tip the stage dances in a small club like this so I do not expect something for nothing.

Adult club utica new york

The rest of the dancers were a little better but they ignored me and my money. One was very skinny with very large very fake boobs, the next was average but had 3 kids tatooed names and foot prints on her side spent all off stage time on phone and the last was chunky with enormous real tits but smelled like she had just shit her pants and forgot to wipe and bitched that her boss had not fed her dinner even though she could have hibernated the winter on store fat.

Thought I would try a private dance but was blown off when I asked. Note I did not ask the tattooed teenager for three reasons 1 I buy dances from women, minimun over 23yo, not children.

Adult club utica new york

This isnt the Vegas strip. You arent going to have velvet ropes or sports illustrated swim suit models grinding up on you. But the place was clean. No booze, had to go out front to smoke which kind of sucked they didnt have a back entrance to stand outside and enjoy a cigar or cigarette. Was cheap cover and the private dances were super reasonable. Went in with Private dances last longer than you would think.

Adult club utica new york

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Adult club utica new york

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